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Below are the possible causes for this error:

  1. The filename of the associated file contains invalid characters – eSilo Backup is currently not able to backup files whose names contain characters that are not part of your system’s character set. If you have files with names that contain such characters, you will need to either change their filenames so that they contain characters that are valid for your system’s character set or put them in an archive file (such as ZIP) and backup the archive file.
    1. Sometimes these characters are non-printable characters (don’t show up visibly in the filename but are actually still there). In that case, the file can still be renamed by backspacing over the area of the filename containing the invalid character, or simply deleting the entire filename and re-typing it correctly.
  2. The full path to the filename is greater than 258 characters – You simply need to rename the file and/or containing directories so that the full path of the files in question is less than 258 characters in length.
  3. The file size is greater than 64 Gigabytes – eSilo Backup has a file size limitation of 64 Gigabytes. If you need to backup files larger than this, you will need to split the file into pieces first.
  4. The file has a NULL (or invalid) time stamp for its created, modified, or accessed time stamp. You will need to copy the file or re-save it so that all three time stamps are valid.
  5. If the file is on a network mapped drive and some or all of the file metadata may not be read correctly, you may see this error. Check the file size and date. If any look incorrect or unusual (15 TB file size, for example), try disconnecting and reconnecting the mapped drive and checking the file properties again / backing up the file again.
If none of these appears to resolve the issue, or if you need assistance with any of the above, contact eSilo Support at

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